Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Happy Body Slow Brain

Dreams Of Water - Happy Body Slow Brain
From the ashes on Taking Back Sunday emerge a brand new band, Happy Body Slow Brain from San Jose, California, US. It all started off as Matthew Fazzi's solo project after we was made bandless back in March. As he started to write he felt he wanted the full band and called for the help of Isaac Bolivar (also ex-Tacking Back Sunday) and Eduardo Torres.

I had my first listen to this band quite a while back on their BandCamp site. And quite frankly, they look my breath away. I feel they have taken a new direction leaning towards a less mainstream style of music. Try to imagine Minus The Bear let loose in a piano shop, making smooth melodies blended with rich catchy vocals.

You can tell allot of work has gone into this album. The production is fantastic, every time you listen to one of the songs again you hear something that you didn't hear the first time. For me this is quite an important thing and something I love about music. It makes me want to listen to albums over and over again. I can add this album to this list.

There is not one song on the whole album that I don't like. Each song is as good as the last. I would say that the highlight of the album has to be 'Never Loved'. I'm thinking it's going to be my freshers week soundtrack! 

There Debut album is due to be released on the 21st of this month.

You can listen to this album at 'HAPPY BODY SLOW BRAIN'


  1. good musisc check me out aswell.

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  2. nice review man, keep up the good work ;)

    supportin' a brother.

  3. I'll be sure to take a listen :)

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